Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Siena Dop lt 0,750 Box X3


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Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. SienaTerritory

harvesting Year 2023

Box of 3 bottles 0,750 Lt.

The brand Terre di Siena DOP guarantees that the olives are produced exclusively in the area defined by the regulations, that the olives are picked directly from the tree, taken to the oil mill within three days from the harvest and crushed within 24 hours, in order to preserve the original characteristics and nutritional values of the fruit. Moreover the brand guarantees that the oil has been produced only with mechanical extraction processes, that the oil undergoes a sensory and chemical analysis in order for it to qualify for the Dop classification, that every batch of oil is controlled in all the stages of production, from the cultivation of the olives to the final packaging of the product. Our extra virgin olive oil comes exclusi-vely from the area of Castelmuzio. It comes from hand picked, non-treated olives, with a low yield. Crushed on the same day they are picked, the acidity is minimum and the number of peroxides very low. This oil has rare organoleptic characteristics, is well balanced, very fruity and with a spicy aftertaste.

Nutrition Information 100ml

Energy value: ------------- KJ 3389 / Kcal 824

Fats: which: ---------------- g 91,6

Acids Saturated Fats: -- g 13,25

carbohydrates: which: -- g 0 ---

Sugars: --------------------- g 0 ---

Protein: --------------------- g 0 ---

salt: -------------------------- g 0 ---


2023 Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin box 6 x 0,750 Lt
2023 Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin box 6 x 0,750 Lt

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