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BOX 6 Bot.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Litri 0,750

3 Toscano IGP Organic + 3 Terre di Siena DOP 2023

The Consorzio Terre di Siena DOP guarantees that, extra virgin olive oil is produced with olives only from the area delimited by the specification collected directly from the plant, brought to the mill within three days of harvesting and milled within 24 hours, so that in the extra virgin olive oil produced remain the original characteristics and nutritional values present in the fruit, that the extra virgin olive oil DOP is obtained only by mechanical extraction processes , and undergo sensory and chemical analysis to verify its suitability for certification. This also applies to Tuscan Organic IGP. The two Extra Vegini are obtained from a mix of varieties (Correggiolo, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Felciaio, Olivastra and Maurino) the only difference is the harvest period; October for terre di Siena Dop, then an oil with fresher hints of less ripe olive sometimes slightly bitter and in the spicy finish suitable for raw on salads, vegetables in general, first courses, grilled meat, Florentine Chianina grilled and soups. Organic Tuscan IGP is always a mix of varieties already mentioned but harvested in November, an oil obtained from more mature olives therefore with more character and scent, slightly spicy and bitter but with a less edgy, round taste, it goes well with all the dishes, from the first to the vegetables, and perfect raw on boiled. 

Organic Tuscan-IGP 2023 Italian extra virgin Olive Oil lt 0,500 x6
Organic Tuscan-IGP 2023 Italian extra virgin Olive Oil lt 0,500 x6

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