Shipping & Returns

maximum 50kg shipment by courier; for different orders, please contact us directly.
We do not accept refunds, except in case of damaged products
If the product damaged the return request must be made no later than 7 days after delivery.
Checking for any damage to the product, it must be made to the immediate arrival of the product, the presence of the personnel at delivery, and reported in the receipt of the product withdrawal, the delivery person.
For damaged product means the damage of the liquid product container, in a manner which causes loss, dispersion, or contamination.
In the case of assessment of damage on the container, which causes leakage or contamination, the customer has the right not to accept delivery of the product and ask for sending a new package without additional cost.
The reporting of the damaged product, with the request to send a new product, must reach us by the contact form of the reserved area of this website.
For islands is necessary additional fee of €.10.oo
D.O.P. Siena 2023 Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil  lt.0,500
D.O.P. Siena 2023 Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil lt.0,500

Conosciuto durante una gita tra le colline senesi, è un olio...